Madeira Station LLC (makers of Cognero) produces exceptional educational software for the world's leading publishers with a staff of experienced project managers, designers, and programmers who have a deep understanding of the different pedagogies required in today's classrooms. We specialize in developing comprehensive desktop and web-based solutions that are intuitive to use with strategically aligned academic and marketing goals.


Our History

Founded in 2004, Madeira Station was established to fill a void in quality educational software. In too many cases, software development is viewed as a checklist item with no regards to quality or usability. We believe that exceptional software should be offered with exceptional textbook programs, especially when the cost difference between this and lackluster software is negligible.


Our Portfolio

Madeira Station has successfully designed and delivered in excess of 50 major software products, ranging from classroom multimedia to assessment and reporting systems in subject areas including biology, history, and all points in between. Software products that we have developed for our clients are used daily by educators nationwide.


Our Team

The Madeira Station team has many decades of educational, software development, and editorial experience. We specialize in the educational marketplace by combining the experience of our parts to create intuitive, innovative, and expandable products that complement or lead your product lines.


Madeira Station is your behind-the-scenes partner in educational software development. It is our job to make your product line look great!


Madeira Station LLC

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Christian Masterson


VP, Software Development

Arizona Stafford