Imagine if the educators that you support were using the same online application to create their tests. All test questions would be saved in the same online database, accessible from anywhere. Educators could share their test questions. They could create tests from home and print them when they got to school. And all you'd have to do to get them started is give them an access code. It's possible . . . with Cognero.



Cognero isn't just an online test generator. It's also a content management system that helps you better control your assessment questions. All questions are saved in the same online database and you control access to them. Teachers can create and share questions. Administrators can create or import questions and make them available to select teachers. You can even create benchmark tests and assign them to specific grades, disciplines, or teachers.


With Cognero, you have complete control over your content. You will never be searching for assessment questions again.


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Higher Education

Right now your faculty may be using Word or another test generator to create their tests. While these tools do the job, they don't take advantage of the convenience and data sharing options available through the web. In addition, you have to deal with installing software, software updates, lost files, and other headaches.


With Cognero there are no downloads, no installs, and no more lost files. Everything faculty need to create tests is available online. You simply provide access to Cognero and faculty are ready to go.


And best of all, the questions that faculty create are saved in a common database and sharable. Everyone can benefit from the effort put into creating quality test questions. And you, as the administrator, have control over who sees what.


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