Cognero was designed to integrate with the many exceptional educational technology programs already in the classroom. We believe in open standards and an open exchange of data. We want to partner with the best in the business as part of a comprehensive instruction and assessment solution.


Content Partners

We designed Cognero with content providers in mind. We've developed the most robust web-based assessment system available so that you can offer it to your customers. We offer a variety of licensing and partnership opportunities. We're flexible and want to work with you to meet your customer's needs.


We understand that your content is yours. We won't lock you into a proprietary format. In fact, we'll make it easy to import your existing content, manage the content, and export it to the platform of your choosing using standards such as QTI and MathML. At the same time, we provide built-in digital rights management to prevent unauthorized use and sharing.


Your brand is important. We want to help you promote it. We offer custom branding and integration solutions for Cognero.


Cognero contains a content management system that allows you to develop content collaboratively, authorize access to content, and update it as needed once it is live. Additionally, you can use our comprehensive search tool to quickly scan your entire library across all titles to find questions for reuse in new products rather than re-author them.


Cognero eliminates the need for CD manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Also, as it is online, there is only one version to support versus multiple legacy versions of software on CDs in your warehouse.


Using custom Web services, we can mold Cognero to fit with your existing online offerings. For example, use Cognero to dynamically populate practice tests in online textbooks, set up a weekly current events quiz, or use it as an authoring platform for CD-based products. The possibilities are endless and they can all save you time and money as well as create a rich user experience for your customers.


If you're a content provider interested in introducing your customers to the next generation of assessment, we'd like to hear from you.


Distribution Partners

Add the next generation assessment system to your product offering.


We're looking for distributors to help us spread the word about Cognero. Cognero is an unmatched complete assessment authoring, delivery, and reporting platform for primary, secondary, post-secondary, and corporate educators. If you interact with these markets, we'd like to talk to you.


Technology and Hardware Partners

Cognero is a flexible test generator that integrates with educational software and hardware systems. Our open platform allows content providers and educators to import or create assessment questions, then export them into a format that can be read by other educational systems.


We're interested in sharing Cognero assessment questions with your educational technology systems in an integrated fashion.


Please send inquiries to or call
513-272-7111 x11.


Become a Partner

Send partnership inquiries to or call 513-272-7111 x11