Reduce Time and Costs

Cognero will allow you to reduce costs through centralizing your assessment content. "Products" can be easily updated real-time as well as bundled and repurposed.

Easy To Use

Cognero is based on a simple drag-and-drop interface that is intuitive to use. Convenient wizards simplify the task of building tests, running reports, and scheduling assignments.

Powerful Test Generator

Cognero includes the same functionality you'd find in the leading desktop test generators, including equation editing and algorithmic content. And it's all available on the web. Just log in and get started.

Open Standards

Cognero supports open standards such as QTI. It's easy to import existing questions into Cognero and export them into other educational technologies such as learning management systems.

Stay Organized

All Cognero questions are saved to the web and organized in a simple folder structure. No more hunting for software CDs or searching hard drives for files. And, your content is available from virtually anywhere: school, home, a coffee shop, the airport, wherever you happen to be.

No Local Installs

There are no local installs needed to internally manage content or for the end-users to create and use content. Cognero runs in identical fashion on Macintosh or Windows and in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Manage Your Classes

Manage your classes through our unique class management system that allows for student self-registration and easily importing rosters. All grades and scores can be exported to any leading gradebook or SMS.

Integrated Secure Online Testing and Reporting

Scheduling and administering a secure online test is as easy as drag and drop. Once your students take a test, or even answer an individual question, they can receive immediate feedback. Also, you have access to detailed reports analyzing how your students are performing.

Friendly and Responsive

We appreciate that you are using Cognero and want to help you make the most of your Cognero experience. We're here to help you with extensive documentation, an active forum, and friendly email and phone support. We'll provide training, support, and answers, not elevator music.